Our journey began in 1998, inspired by the vibrant jewellery culture of Hatton Garden, London. 
Our mission? To craft bespoke, high-quality pieces that celebrate individuality.
For over 25 years, we’ve honed our expertise in gemstones and precious metals, ensuring every piece we create meets the highest standards. In 2014, we proudly opened our first showroom in Hatton Garden under the brand name, Chloe’s Jewellers. Soon after, we expanded to two locations in the area. By 2021, we consolidated our expertise into one flagship store, establishing ourselves as a trusted name in the community.
At Chloe’s Jewellers, our passion lies in crafting unique, handcrafted pieces with exceptional quality. Our vision is to grow Chloe’s Jewellers into a nationally recognised brand, bringing our creations to a wider audience through our online store.
Discover the artistry and dedication behind every piece at Chloe’s Jewellers.