Certified Diamonds:
Certified diamonds refer to a polished diamond that has undergone quality analysis such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and are issued with a certificate. The leading gemological laboratories act as impartial authorities on diamond identity and quality, remaining separate from transactions. Non-certified diamonds, prevalent in the market, lack formal laboratory grading.
For consumers investing in high-value diamonds, a laboratory report is highly recommended and cost-effective. Spending a few hundred pounds to document the quality of a diamond worth thousands is a prudent decision. Conversely, purchasing a non-certified diamond for a substantial sum can pose significant risks.

Regardless as to whether a diamond is non-certified or certified, it does not in fact mean that is of poor quality. Several factors may result in a commercial-grade diamond lacking a lab report, despite its size and value. To offer diamonds more affordably, dealers and jewellers often opt out of obtaining lab reports, particularly for common commercial-quality diamonds in smaller to medium sizes. Whereas, high-quality diamonds in larger sizes typically undergo lab grading before entering the market. At Chloe’s Jewellers, we prioritise covering these assessments internally to maintain affordability for our customers.


 GIA Certificate Example:

Regardless of the diamond type you're considering, it's crucial to engage with trustworthy diamond professionals. By seeking out reputable professionals, you ensure a secure and informed diamond purchasing experience.