Customers are strongly advised to read and fully comprehend our terms and conditions pertaining to returns, refunds and exchanges, in relation to any items purchased or orders placed at the point of sale. If there are any concerns regarding to the product or service please ensure that you make the sales executive aware at the time before leaving the premises, as it is easier to rectify any errors or issues at this point.


  • We have a 3 month payment term, therefore deposits for non-custom made orders are valid for 3 months only. Any items not fully paid for within the 3 month payment term will be returned to stock and the customer will forfeit the deposit.

  • There are no refunds for item(s) that have been custom made or specially ordered for a customer, by Chloe’s Jewellers.

  • Customers have right to return item(s) purchased from the display window within 14 days of the date purchased, subject to item(s) being in good condition along with original invoice and certificates. Returned goods will inherit a 20% deduction of the original purchase price.

  • Item/s purchased on display window can be exchanged within 21 days of the date purchased. Item/s can be exchanged for item(s) of the equivalent purchase price.

  • Chloe’s Jewellers will not accept items that are returned damaged, whether by force or through no fault pertaining to the item/s original structure. However, we will be happy to work and help our customer fix and repair item/s, subject to the limitation of damage.

  • Items purchased from Chloe’s Jewellers are subject to polish and/or rhodium free of charge, for life.

  • Should any small shoulder diamond fall out/come loose, Chloe’s Jewellers will replace it free of charge on the first occasion; however should it occur again, the customer will be billed for the repair.

  • The title(s) remains the goods of Chloe Jewellers, until the customer has paid for them in full.